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"Unknown" is an experimental film that explores anxiety from inside the mind.

Dancers embody racing thoughts, brain activity and tension that is a physical response to anxiety and unknowns. Using their physicality to portray the inner workings of an anxious mind, the dancers and aesthetic combine to juxtapose mental and body states portraying a central character's experience.


We originally choreographed this work for the stage, and we are eager to bring it to the screen! We also hope the film will provide an opportunity for more discussion around mental health.

Shannon Metelko


A multi-media artist currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio. Grateful to be creating and collaborating on this piece of art as an expression of the human experience. 


Mandy Work Wetzel

Mandy Work Wetzel is a dancer, choreographer, and producer currently based in Chicago. Though "Unknown" was performed previously onstage, Mandy always saw this piece taking its true form as a film. A first-time director, she was so happy to bring this dream to life with Shannon.





Amber Greeson

Amber Greeson is a key collaborator on "Unknown". Her talent spans a range of creative disciplines, from illustration to motion media. She has found herself working as an Art Director/Designer in the advertising world as well as animating and storyboarding at local production companies in Chicago. 




Mind Exchange Music

Kelly Askam, Zachary Garrett

Donny Walker

Challenging himself to learn and produce historically authentic music of any era, Donny comes to this project custom designing content to fit the mood, psychology, movement and story portrayal of the film. 




Steph MacDonald

Director of Photography



 - - -  CAST - - -


Irene Hsiao

Irene writes about anyone and anything but can't write a two-line bio about herself. She also dances and takes photographs.


Kimberly Gosnell

Kimberly Gosnell knew she was meant to move from a young age; to this day, a perfect day includes lots of singing and dancing. As a fellow warrior in the ranks of the battle against anxiety, she turns to music and rhythm as a way to break free.


Haley Johnson

Haley is currently a student at the University of Arizona achieving a BFA in dance performance. Prior to that, she has trained at the Joffrey Ballet Academy of Dance year-round program in Chicago. She has attended summer intensives at Orlando Ballet, Houston Ballet, LINES ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Nederlands Dans Theater, Complexions, and DanceWorks Chicago.

Barbie Kosiek

Barbara Kosiek has been dancing all her life and recently has pursued a career in musical theatre. She has been apart of the Kate Jablonski Statement, BrightSide Theatre - Spamalot, and Jefferson Performing Arts- Funny Girl.


Trent Williams

Trent Williams is an upcoming actor from the south side of Chicago. He hopes you enjoy the finished project from the dancers and two talented women in film!


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